Advising Policies

Each major requires different courses to fulfill the general education requirements, so we encourage you to become familiar with the requirements for your course of study. Check the appropriate catalog and see your advisor before registering for courses to satisfy core requirements.


Newly admitted freshmen and transfer students are required to meet with an academic advisor before enrolling in classes. Freshmen are advised and register for classes during summer orientation. New transfer students should call the Advising Center at 702-895-2077 to make an appointment to review transfer equivalencies. Freshmen are required to obtain advising in the first semester; second semester advising is optional but recommended. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the College of Sciences Advising Center at least once per year to ensure you are track to meet your degree requirements.

Graduate Students

Before you take a class for graduate credit, you must be admitted to one of the graduate student classifications: graduate standing or graduate provisional. As a graduate student, you should confer with your advisor for approved graduate programs. Only those courses that are numbered 600 and 700 will be accepted for graduate credit. Dental and law students must see their respective professional schools. For more information, please visit the Graduate College.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

If you have never attended UNLV and would like to take a class for personal enrichment and are not looking for admission into a degree program, you must complete a Non-Degree-Seeking Student Information Form.

Admitted Students

  1. Attendance at classes, laboratories, and seminars is required. If excessive absences are noted in a particular course, the student will be notified in person and by letter that he or she will be administratively withdrawn if further unexcused absences are noted. If further absences occur after notification, the student will be withdrawn from the course and the program.
  2. Courses in the College of Sciences may be graded with a letter grade with pluses and minuses, at the discretion of the professor. Grades received from UNLV or other institutions are also evaluated for letter grades only in determining grade point averages for admission to the program's upper division.

Admitted students should contact the College of Sciences Advising Center at 702-895-2077.


Students who are placed on probation must observe rules or limitations that the College of Sciences imposes on their probation as a condition of retention. If after one semester on probation an overall grade point average of at least 2.5 has not been achieved and/or the conditions of probation have not been met, the student will be disqualified from enrollment in College of Sciences courses. Undergraduates who are placed on probation are required to make an appointment to meet with their academic advisor.


Students in upper-division programs are placed on probation when they incur any of the following:

  1. Failure, incomplete, or withdrawal from any required course
  2. A semester gpa below 2.5
  3. A grade of D or F in any course required for a major
  4. Violation of the university code of student responsibility and/or any admission agreement. See university retention standards