Sony Playstation

Before You Get Started

You will need a category 5e patch cable or a category 6 patch cable. Plug your patch cable into your game system and into the correct wall jack.

Checking Your Current Ethernet Settings

The following directions will show you how to obtain your MAC address, which you will need to enroll your device.

  1. In the XMBTM home menu, go to (Settings) > (System Settings) and press the X button.
  2. Scroll until you see [System Information] and press the X button.
  3. You will see your MAC Address listed. Be sure to write down the entire string of letters and numbers, including the colons ":" in between.

Register Your Device

  1. Using a computer go to the device enrollment website:
  2. On the enrollment page, enter your ACE password, check box "I accept the acceptable use policy".
  3. Enter in the MAC address of your PlayStation; select "Sony Gaming Device" as device type.
  4. Valid email address, mobile number and service provider are optional fields.
  5. Click Enroll Device.
  6. Once your device is enrolled, reboot your gaming device. Your gaming device should now be online.