Computer Lab Use Policies

Residents shall not change the hardware or software configuration of UNLV Housing and Residential Life equipment. To request any change, including software installation or reconfiguration, contact the Rebel Repair Help Desk at 702-895-5324.

Residents shall not annoy others by viewing pornographic images or images of a sexual nature or involving sexual activity in the computer labs or other public places.

Residents shall not use ResNet in a manner that intentionally or negligently disrupts normal network use and service. Such disruption includes, but is not limited to, intentionally or negligently propagating computer viruses, sending offensive messages, knowingly causing system crashes, denying reasonable use of UNLV Housing and Residential Life network and computer resources to others, violating others’ personal privacy, and accessing without proper the authority protected and/or private network resources.

Residents shall not violate the legal protection provided by copyrights, licenses, or other legal means. They shall not make copies of any licensed or copyrighted computer program found on any UNLV Housing and Residential Life or other UNLV computer or storage device. They shall not share with others messages, information, or data that is private, licensed, proprietary, or covered by nondisclosure agreements.

Residents are responsible for any printing to UNLV Housing and Residential Life printers from their account, computer, or room network connections. Residents are responsible for the print charges generated by that printing.

The University and Community College System of Nevada CODE sections covering computer and network usage shall be followed. Copies of the relevant sections may be obtained by calling 702-720-3300.

Lab Use

No food or drink in the labs.

Residents must have their UNLV identification cards with them to use any UNLV Housing and Residential Life computer labs.

All computer labs and equipment are to be used in the following priority:

  1. Academic uses (papers, projects, email, Internet browsing, etc.)
  2. Internet entertainment (e.g., nonacademic Web browsing, personal email, games, IRC, etc.)

UNLV Housing and Residential Life labs and equipment may not be used by campus organizations for any group activities (e.g., flyer design, newsletters, or finance).

Residents may print only one final copy of their work on the lab printers. Proofing and editing must be done on the computer.

To prevent damage to the printers, only the paper purchased by UNLV Housing and Residential Life may be used in the UNLV Housing and Residential Life computer lab printers.

Residents found in violation of these policies or of any federal, state, or local laws will be asked to leave the labs and/or may lose network connection privileges, and they may be subject to disciplinary action and/or prosecution.