Regents' Creative Activities Award: Call for Nominations and Application Packet

Each fall, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) seeks nominations for the annual Nevada Regents' Creative Activities Award, which includes a $5,000 stipend, a certificate, and a medal of recognition. Applications are submitted through the UNLV Regent’s Awards Portal.


This award is presented annually to two permanent full-time NSHE faculty members with a distinguished records in creative activity. One award will be selected from nominations from UNLV, UNR, and NSC. One award will be selected from nominations from CSN, GBC, TMCC, and WNC. Faculty from all NSHE institutions (except DRI) are eligible; although this award is intended for individuals, groups who have made major advances through their collaborations may be recognized as well. Candidates must have 5 years of service in NSHE by the date of the nomination and be nominated by a NSHE employee or student in order to be considered for the award.

Nomination Requirements

Those submitting nominations must be NSHE employees or students. (Self nominations are not accepted.) A formal one-page nomination letter addressing the following should be submitted:

  • The significance, volume, and quality of the candidate's creative activity, described in such a way as to clarify the nominee's activities for individuals from other disciplines.
  • Clear evidence of the national or international stature of the candidate's creative activity. This evidence should reflect recognized evaluation in the form of critically reviewed presentations, books, and other forms of recognition (e.g., invited presentations, juried exhibitions, awards, or honors). A fuller listing of these should be provided in the nominee's curriculum vitae.
  • The nominee’s continuous record of long-term creative activity.

*Please note: If you intend to nominate a faculty member, please notify the nominee and submit the nomination letter to him/her. The nominee should compile all application materials as a single pdf file, including the nomination letter, and submit them by the deadline through the UNLV Regents' Awards Portal.

Application Packet

Nominees must provide materials to support their nominations. These materials include:

  • A copy of the nomination letter.
  • The nominee's current curriculum vitae.
  • No more than three examples of a scholarly, creative product (e.g., music CD, art slides, videotape, audiotape, work of fiction or nonfiction, piece of artwork, etc.).
  • No more than three letters of support from persons knowledgeable of the nominee's qualifications.
  • No more than three reviews, adjudications, or testimonials, conferred by persons who audited the original work.
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of up to five persons outside of the NSHE whom the Selection Committee can contact about the candidate's research achievements.

All materials must be compiled as a single pdf file and submitted online through the UNLV Regents' Awards Portal. Materials that cannot be submitted online due to file size (e.g. entire books, videos) can be delivered to Althea Sheets, RAB 104, Mail Stop: 1055 by September 25, 2019, 5 p.m. PT.


The deadline for all materials is 5 p.m., Sept. 25, 2019. The nominee should compile all materials in pdf format for submission online. Materials that cannot be submitted online due to file size (e.g. music disc, videos, entire books) can be delivered to Althea Sheets, RAB 104, Mail Stop: 1055.


Althea Sheets

Funding Opportunities Manager