Grant Resource Center

Through a subscription with the Grants Resource Center (GRC), a unit of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, UNLV has access to a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and expertise to improve efficiency and increase success in securing competitive grants from federal and private sponsors. OSP staff will assist faculty in the use of all GRC options.

GrantSearch Database

GRC’s proprietary search engine, GrantSearch, includes 2,000 private and federal funding opportunities screened for recurrence and for higher-education eligibility. Search results provide a high proportion of viable opportunities because the database excludes solicitations that are limited to a specific region, that are from institutions that make fewer than three awards annually, and for which higher-education institutions are not eligible to apply or partner. GrantSearch may be accessed from any on-campus computer.

Faculty Alerts

GRC also administers a monthly electronic faculty alert system. Faculty members work with the UNLV GRC liaison to register specific areas of interest according to academic and subject category codes. Once a month, they receive a personal email containing all funding opportunities that match their criteria and have a deadline occurring within the next three months. Participants can change their areas of focus at any time.

Specialty Searches

GRC staff provide in-depth searches upon request. Faculty may provide the UNLV GRC liaison with a white paper outlining a potential project. The GRC liaison will work with GRC to produce a list of potential funding opportunities that may be a fit.


A GRC subscription includes electronic publications that reduce the time spent searching for funding opportunities and higher-education grants and contracts news. Information is categorized by discipline and published in a concise format for easy forwarding to faculty, senior administrators, and other stakeholders.

Accessing the GRC Site

On Campus

The GRC site is password protected. If you are on campus, you can access the GRC information without a login and password from any UNLV computer.

Off Campus

Off-campus use requires you to request a login and password in order to use the GRC website. After receiving the login and password, please return to this webpage and click the link above to enter your login and password at the GRC website.

Access the GRC Request a login/password