Potential Sanctions

The following sanctions are applicable to members of the community of the Nevada System of Higher Education for conduct prohibited by Section 6.2 of the NSHE Code. Depending on the seriousness of the research misconduct, these sanctions may be imposed in any order. NSHE Code Section 6.3.


Notice, oral or written, that continuation or repetition of prohibited conduct may be the cause for more severe disciplinary action.


A formal censure or severe reproof administered in writing to a person engaging in prohibited conduct.


The requirement to reimburse the legal owners for a loss due to defacement, damage, fraud, theft, or misappropriation of property. The failure to make restitution shall be the cause for more severe disciplinary action.

Reduction in Pay

A reduction in pay may be imposed at any time during the term of an employment contract upon compliance with the procedures established in NSHE Code Chapter 6.


Exclusion from assigned duties for one or more work weeks without pay, as set forth in a written notice to the employee.


Termination of employment for cause.