Purpose of Research Misconduct Policy

"Research misconduct" does not include disputes regarding honest error or differences of opinion. Research misconduct is also not intended to include authorship disputes such as complaints about appropriate ranking of coauthors in publications, presentations, or other work unless the dispute constitutes plagiarism as defined in this policy.

The UNLV Research Misconduct Policy complies with federal requirements and NSHE Code and provides guidance on responsible conduct in three areas:

  • Establishing definitions for misconduct in research
  • Outlining procedures for reporting and investigating misconduct
  • Providing protection for whistleblowers (persons who report misconduct) and persons accused of misconduct.

The UNLV Research Misconduct Policy and its associated procedures do not supersede or establish an alternative to any existing policies, regulations, or procedures for handling fiscal improprieties, the ethical treatment of human or animal subjects, criminal matters, personnel actions, disputes about authorship or credit among collaborators, or actions taken under federal debarment and suspension regulations.