This tab contains information on when, where, and with whom, the course section meets on a weekly basis.

Facility ID

This area will indicate the course sections room assignment. It can be modified by departments during the open build period to include:

  • 2121: Off Campus (follow this up with naming the location in the notes section of the class)
  • 2122: Web Based
  • Please do not use 2123: Department Arranged (Provost has request that all classes have a loction listed)
  • 2124 - Hybrid (this will be placed on the last MMP of a HY class)
  • 2125 - Web class with on/ off campus meetings (this will be placed on the fist MMP of this WM class)
  • Specific room codes: granted they are department owned or designated as Priority Space in Archibus.

If there is no facility ID, contact Scheduling at to have the ID added from the specifications in Archibus.

Meeting Pattern

This area should be filled in with information that lines up with the published Standard Class Times. This includes (from left to right) a pattern code, start and end times, and the days of the week.

For multiple meeting pattern courses (MMP), use the "+" sign on the top right corner of the meeting pattern box to add the variable date and time.

Topic ID/Free Format Topic

This area should not be used. The correct location to include special topics in on the basic data tab.

Instructor ID

Use the magnifying glass to pull up a listing of instructors who are approved to teach this course subject.

If you do not see your instructor listed, you must email scheduling with their NSHE ID and approved subjects so that they can be added.

This area can be modified by departments at any time during a scheduling cycle.

Instructor Role

The drop down menu offers 4 options to assign to the instructor name input to its left:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Admin Assist
  • TA

Check this box if you want the instructor information to the left of it to be visible to students during registration. UN-check this box if you want the instructor information to be invisible to students during registration.


This area allows you to select the type of access the “instructor” on the left will have to the course roster. grade only allows the “instructor” to input grades, while approved is all around access to grade and take attendance.

Room Characteristic

This area will indicate specific room information:

  • 03: Room Arranged by Department - use this when you will place class in Department Owned Space (not Priority Scheduled Space) Specfic location will be listed in the Facility ID section
  • 05: Class Lab - Computer - use this when the class needs to be placed in a GP computer lab. When the scheduling department places classes, computer labs are placed first, a report is pulled from this field to place them.