Enrollment Control


The information on this tab controls if, when, and how many students are able to enroll in the section.

Class Status

The drop down menu indicates 4 course status options:

  • Active: This section is intended to remain open and available when Registration begins.
  • Canceled: This status is used after registration has begun and a previously active course will no longer be offered.
  • Stop Further Enrollment: During registration, this status stops students from enrolling in the course.
  • Tentative: This section is not open for enrollment, but the configuration is being saved in the event your department needs to open it (change to Active status).
Add Consent

If you want a specific group of students to be able to enroll into a course/section, you can make it mandatory that they receive Department consent or Instructor consent where the criteria can be checked before a student is officially registered for the section.

Drop Consent

You can require Department or Instructor consent in order to drop a course.

Requested Room Cap

The number in this area should exactly match your enrollment cap. Any room cap that does not match the enrollment cap will be adjusted.

Enrollment Cap

Enter the number of students you will allow to register in this section of your course. Please use previous enrollment data to input realistic enrollment capacities for all courses.

Waitlist Capacity

This area will auto populate to 10 when registration opens.