Faculty Cheat Sheet

Curriculum Process

  1. Please ensure that the curriculum request forms are filled out properly and all signatures required are obtained before sending them to [email protected].
  2. When submitting request forms for the curriculum process, all forms need to be emailed to the Curriculum Team in the Registrar’s Office at [email protected].
  3. If you are making a change to an existing course that is also taught at another NSHE system school, communication should be established with that school before sending it to [email protected]. Once a decision/compromise has been established, all communication outlining the outcome should be included with the request form and sent to [email protected].
  4. Although faculty will no longer submit CCN forms, they should operate under CCN guidelines when proposing a new course or changing an existing course. For CCN guidelines and a list of CCN classes at other institutions, visit the Nevada Institution of Higher Education Common Course Numbering Website. All additions and deletions of undergraduate courses, as well as changes to existing course prefixes, numbers, titles, and or/credits, will be routed by to the NSHE system for common course numbering. Review can take up to 10 days; please plan accordingly when submitting your request forms. [Not applicable May 15 through Aug. 15 or Dec. 15 through Jan. 20.]
  5. Please be mindful of all curriculum process deadlines.
  6. All completed request forms will be submitted by the Curriculum Team to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Chair for the agenda.
  7. Approved request forms are processed by the Curriculum Team. Please allow one to two weeks for completion. The Curriculum Team will send an email to the designee of the request form with attachments and/or screen shots for quality check. Please be meticulous in your review. The changes are entered in the catalog as well as People Soft, and any errors should be corrected as soon as possible.
  8. Deleting a course does not erase the course from the People Soft system. It merely deactivates the course from future catalogs and scheduling.