Advisor FAQs: Degree Audit and Transfer

What is MyUNLV Academic Requirements Degree Audit Report?

The MyUNLV Academic Requirements Degree Audit Report produces an automated report that matches courses taken at UNLV or transferred from other institutions with the requirements of a particular degree program. It helps students and staff:

  • Identify degree requirements
  • Plan future course work
  • Determine how completed UNLV courses, courses in progress, and transfer courses may apply toward a degree

The MyUNLV Academic Requirements Degree Audit Report is an internal UNLV document used primarily for advising and graduation certification and is NOT an official document. The official documentation of your academic record is your transcript.

How can I obtain an academic requirements report?

The MyUNLV Academic Requirements Degree Audit Report is for all admitted and currently registered students and can be accessed by following the directions on the How to Access Your Degree Audit Report page.

How do I get access to look at students' academic requirements reports?

Have your supervisor send the following information to Tiffany Trass:

  • Name
  • College or department
  • Position
    Access is usually received within three working days.
What is a Transfer Credit Report?

A Transfer Credit Report is a report generated when an admitted student has transfer courses. This report shows your transfer courses and how those courses transfer to UNLV.

Who decides how courses will transfer?

Transfer courses are evaluated for general transferability by the Transfer Articulation and Degree Audit analysts. Accepted courses at the university level may or may not apply toward your degree program.

Can I see how a transfer course will be accepted at UNLV?

This information is published on the Transfer Credit Resources page.

My questions haven't been answered; whom do I contact?

Please contact [email protected] for any additional questions or issues.