The mission of UNLV’s Office of the Registrar is to provide a seamless academic experience for UNLV’s diverse body of students, faculty, and staff by establishing, maintaining, and constantly improving the processes and practices that revolve around student records and related administrative services.

Transfer Articulation and Degree Audit

  • Works to articulate the incoming transfer courses for all transfer students, which comprises 82 percent of an average graduating class at UNLV.
  • Equates most of the lower-division transfer work to UNLV equivalents in order to expedite the matriculation of transfer students into the curriculum.
  • Builds and maintains the degree encoding tables for all the undergraduate programs for each of the catalog cycles, which helps identify degree requirements and determine how completed UNLV courses, courses in progress, and transfer course work may apply towards a student’s degree.


  • Handles the enrollment, records, graduation, and limited admission and financial aid needs of the students by providing services via walk-in, phone, and email.
  • Processes residency applications (reclassification only) and undergraduate nondegree-seeking student applications.
  • Provides official and unofficial transcripts.
  • Houses self-service kiosks for online services.
  • Provides dedicated support to academic units such as departments, colleges, advising centers, and other specialized offices on campus with their needs that pertains to student records.


This unit works with every aspect of student academic records, including:

  • Records maintenance of approximately 28,000 currently enrolled students as well as the alumni and those students who are on hiatus and can return any time
  • Transcripts (issuing, correcting, etc.)
  • Grading (collection, change of grade. etc.)
  • GPA calculation
  • Credit by examination
  • Maintaining student academic status (probation, suspension, holds)
  • Advanced standing (evaluating the credits that the students transfer after they matriculate to UNLV)
  • Processing of academic appeals

Academic Classroom and Events Scheduling

  • Schedules academic classrooms for all the classes that take place in the UNLV classrooms, auditoriums, and laboratories that are designated as “general purpose space” during the regular fall and spring semesters.
  • Schedules recurring and/or ad hoc events into the general purpose space as long as these events don’t prevent UNLV from fulfilling its duty to educate its students.

Curriculum and University Catalog

  • Oversees the curriculum process, playing a central role in the creation and implementation of new courses and programs at UNLV.
  • Works with the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, academic faculty, advisors, library, and the degree audit unit to bring new curriculum to life and to change existing curriculum while ensuring common course numbering compliance within the state of Nevada.
  • Oversees the production of the university catalog, which involves coordinating the efforts of more than 100 faculty and staff.

SIS Administration

  • Makes it possible for Student Information System to run in a smooth and efficient manner, making sure all large programs that enable key processes such as admission, registration, GPA calculation, grades, academic status, and many more “behind the scenes” applications that make it possible for Admissions and Registrar’s offices to function on a daily basis are maintained, configured, and functional.
  • Runs institutional, state, and federal reports; approves SIS access requests based on the end user’s needs.
  • Maintains the interfaces to third-party programs with SIS (e.g., Hobson’s admissions application, Ad Astra class scheduling software, etc.).


  • Checks the degree requirements of those students who apply for graduation.
  • Handles exceptions that might have occurred throughout the student’s curriculum and posts degrees to student transcripts upon successful completion of the degree.
  • Coordinates the attendance of the expected graduates to the commencement ceremony and the ordering of diplomas.