The Rebel Spirit Award recognizes employees who demonstrate a commitment to The REBELS Way philosophy during each and every interaction.


Respect – We demonstrate courtesy and professionalism at all times no matter the situation. We deliver the same high quality service to everyone.

Enthusiasm – Our excitement is conveyed in our approach to everyone we interact with. We are mindful of our body language and tone.

Bond – We treat everyone as valued assets. We take time to understand their needs and express genuine interest. We assume nothing and clarify everything to avoid error in service delivery.

Empathy – We demonstrate a caring attitude through our interactions.

Listen – We are eager to have a full understanding of the needs of those we serve. We are actively engaged during all interactions, avoiding distractions.

Satisfaction – We are solutions-oriented and aim to provide an exchange that exceeds expectations, leaving a positive lasting impression.


All UNLV employees (Academic Faculty, Administrative Faculty, and Classified Staff), with a minimum of 18 months of full-time service, are eligible for the award. An employee may be recognized up to once during a 2-year period. Self-nominations are not accepted.


Any member of the UNLV community (employee, student, alumnus, donor, etc.) may start the nomination process for an award using the Rebel Spirit Nomination Form. The nominee's supervisor will be asked to support the nomination. The supervisor must concur in order for the award to be granted.

Scope of Awards

Awardees will receive a certificate and recognition from the Office of the President or the Office of the Provost/Executive Vice President.