A Better Way to Wait

Join a Line

Join the line from anywhere

Move Freely

Wait whenever you want

Get Updates

Receive wait time updates

Get Served

Get notified when it's your turn

Ways to Join

Text Message

Text message "RebelCardQ" to 702-710-0905 to join our virtual line.

Receive Updates

  • Sends a personalized text message or phone call when it is your turn.
  • Sends an estimated wait time.
  • Allows you to ask for more time if it does not fit your schedule.
  • Alerts you when you are 15 minutes away from your arrival time.

Common Text Commands


Text “L” when you need to exit the line.


Text “S” when you want an update of your wait time or place in line.


Text “M” to request more time.


Text "H" for help to get additional assistance.


Text "N#" to notify you in XX minutes before it is your turn.