Obtaining a real property lease or lease renewal can be a lengthy process and this request should be started as early as possible in the space search process.

New leases and lease renewal amendments must be reviewed and approved by several departments at UNLV and, in some cases, NSHE. This applies to both leases where UNLV is the tenant and in the less common cases, where UNLV will be the landlord. All space lease requests at UNLV require submission to the Cabinet Implementation and Oversight Committee (CIOC) and Cabinet through the Space Planning Committee (SPC).

To originate a new lease or lease renewal, a department must first submit a Request for Change of Space Form to the Executive Director of Academic and Personnel Resources, Office of the Provost (Box 1027). The department may simultaneously submit the UNLV Lease Request Form.

Prospective non-UNLV tenants should work through a sponsoring department or directly through the UNLV real estate office. The space requirement will be evaluated to determine the need, priority, and whether UNLV space is available.

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