• Tip exceeds 20 percent of meal cost (including alcohol/tax)
  • Itemized list of food purchased not included on receipt
  • Hosting purchases not identified with a hosting code
  • Host Form not completed properly; lacking approving signature

Major Infractions

  • Personal purchases
  • Splitting of transactions to avoid the single transaction limit
  • Card used by an individual other than the cardholder
  • Improper/lacking supporting documents
  • Cardholder used PCard for which prior written authorization was not obtained by the PCard Administrator (e.g. software purchases, advertising, services, etc.)
  • PCard used for purchases listed under the restrictions list (review the PCard Manual for the restrictions list)
  • Lack of verification process on PCard transactions
  • Purchase of fixed asset without reporting it to inventory control
  • PCard used for non-reimbursable expenses (see Accounts Payable for non-reimbursable expenses)
  • Hosting birthdays

Minor Infractions

  • Office supplies purchased through an outside vendor (not Office Max)
  • Tipping on taxes, alcohol purchase, or taxi
  • Sales tax applies to a purchase in an immaterial amount
  • Incorrect expense codes