MUNIS Configuration Instructions

Please review these detailed instructions on how to set up your computer to continue the use of MUNIS.

For any question or assistance with accessing MUNIS, updating bookmarks, installing .NET Framework or Silverlight, please contact the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777.

Setting Up Your Computer for MUNIS

  1. As of May 16th, 2011, the local MUNIS client has been retired. All users must now access MUNIS through the web client (MUNIS Dashboard). The MUNIS Dashboard can only be accessed using Internet Explorer. Please refer to:
  2. In order for the Dashboard to function properly .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher (4.0) is required. Please go to the Microsoft website for a free download if your computer does not have .NET Framework already installed.
    Once you access the Dashboard, you might receive the following message:

    Please follow the instructions above in order to download .NET Framework.
  1. Once you login to the Dashboard you might see:

    Click on the box and you will be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight 3. Choose Run and Install Now when prompted:

  2. The MUNIS Dashboard website is now secure. If you already have it bookmarked or added to your Favorites, please change the link to: MUNIS Dashboard Login.

How to Delete the current link to MUNIS from your Favorites (Internet Explorer 8)

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and then click on Favorites or press Alt+A.
  2. Select link to MUNIS Dashboard, right-click and choose Delete.

  3. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the file deletion.

How to Add a new MUNIS website to your Favorites (Internet Explorer 8)

  1. Launch MUNIS website.
  2. Click on Favorites and choose . You may also press CTRL+D to add the site as a Favorite.

    (You may change the Name of the link)
  3. Click Add.