MUNIS - Automated Requisition System

New Manuals for Munis version 10.5

Munis Login

Munis Dashboard Login (Internet Explorer versions 10-11 and Safari version 6.1 or later web browsers only)

When prompted for your credentials, the domain should be set to "AD" as shown in the picture below.

If the domain is not set to "AD", then your computer may not be part of the UNLV AD domain. You will then have to add “ad\” before your username while logging in to the MUNIS Dashboard. For example, if your username is “smithl” and your password is “unlv2011”, you would login as follows:

Username: ad\smithl
Password: unlv2011


  • Your login credentials are the same as your UNLV Ace account.
  • If you forgot your password, please contact OIT Help Desk at 895-0777 or visit for assistance.

Munis is the electronic requisitioning system that allows campus users to initiate and submit their requisitions electronically. The MUNIS system has enabled us to increase our ability to provide enhanced support by:

  • Giving the submitter the ability to track their requisition through the process – from submission, to approval, and finally conversion to a purchase order.
  • Eliminating the use of paper by allowing submitters to attach their backup and other paperwork electronically.
  • Reducing processing cycle time by eliminating inter campus routing of paper purchase requisition, streamlining the approval flow, and automating purchase order issuance.
  • Departmental cost savings (no longer needing to pay for purchase requisition forms).
  • Allowing the purchase staff to focus on providing improved service in other key areas.

Munis Dashboard

Visit the MUNIS Dashboard Page.


If you are experiencing Munis connectivity issues, the OIT team will provide support. We ask that you submit a help request at or call 895-0777.

For issues entering your requisition, please contact your designated buyer.

If you would like to request account or permission changes, please utilize the MUNIS Access/Change Application in the Forms section below.

Munis Password Reset

Munis uses the UNLV Ace account credentials. If you need assistance with your ACE account, visit the UNLV Ace account webpage.



  • Munis Access/Change Application – Request access to the Munis system by filling out this form. Also, use this form when requesting additional accounts to be added to your Munis access list. The person with signature authority on file for the account(s) requested will need to sign the form.

    NOTE: Your application CANNOT be processed without an ACE account. If you don't have an ACE account, please visit the OIT website for information on how to obtain your ACE account.

  • PO Modification Form – Use this form to request a change in status or amount of a purchase order.