How You Can Help Us

We value our relationship with you and ask that you take the following into consideration when working with us:

  • Familiarize yourself with our requirements and offer suggestions as to how we can further our cost reductions and service objectives.
  • Keep us informed on your backorder situations, impending shortages or strikes, and technological advances.
  • Follow through on orders to ensure delivery to us as scheduled. When calling our office, visit with the appropriate buyers to see if they have orders that you can help expedite.
  • Insist on receiving a purchase order number or PCard number.
  • Remember, for purchases over the amount for formal solicitations, departments may request quotations for budgetary purposes only. A formal IFB or RFP will be sent from the Purchasing Department. It is extremely important to respond to all questions and to all requests in the Request for Proposal/Invitation for Bid. Please be sure to sign the form and return it within the required time frame. If the RFP/IFB is not returned properly completed, it may be considered nonresponsive. DO NOT contact the ordering department during the proposal/bid evaluation process. If necessary, contact the buyer for clarification.
  • Make each visit a productive one. Meetings between sales personnel and buyers should be confined to business. We value your time as well as ours.
  • Deal with us in an honest and ethical manner.