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How To Do Business With UNLV

We welcome qualified suppliers to compete for business opportunities with UNLV. We conform to open, ethical, and sound procurement policies to ensure the best interests of all our stakeholders are met. We are also responsible for maintaining vendor relations and ensuring that the university obtains the optimal sources of supply, the best pricing, and the most acceptable terms and conditions.


Recently someone has been contacting suppliers pretending to be an officer of our University. The contact is made through an email requesting items to be purchased and then providing fake purchase orders to the supplier. The emails are poorly written as are the fake purchase orders.

If you have not registered in our registration system, then any correspondence you have received authorizing you to process an order on UNLV's behalf is most likely fraudulent.

If you have any suspicion about contacts you receive indicating they are from UNLV, please contact 702-895-3521 immediately to confirm.

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