What are the benefits of buying green?

For starters, the immediate impact of buying green products include a decrease in toxic chemicals and other pollutants, minimizing the amount of waste that is produced, and protecting our natural resources. There are many other benefits, however, that are associated with green purchasing practices. First, many green products offer an instant cost saving opportunity as their unit and bulk price is lower than standard products (take replacement toner cartridges for example). Long term costs can also be realized as efficiency in energy use of many appliances and electronics require less electricity to operate. Second, the purchase of environmentally preferable or green products contributes to their demand and in doing strengthens incentives for manufactures to continue and increase the production of these and other green product lines. And third, the feeling of accomplishment for you, your department, and the University in realizing the positive contribution being made to the environment for its continued use by future generations is a direct result of environmentally preferable purchasing.

How can I find green product alternatives?

The purchasing department is now working with our suppliers to highlight green product alternatives and to increase the visibility of these products to the University community. In the meantime, when making purchases look for wording in the product description (such as recycled or post consumer content) or for symbols that indicate environmental preferable status (such as Energy Star or the universal symbol for recyclability).

You can also ask each vendor you obtain a quote from what sustainable or environmentally preferred products or services they offer and use those offerings.

Is recycled paper okay to use on my printer and/or copier?

Today's recycled copier paper is high quality and technically perfected for use in copiers. If the paper jams in a copier, it is not because of the recycled content paper. It may be that the ream sat opened for a long time and absorbed moisture. Sometimes people use paper that's not formulated for copiers; use paper qualified as "high-speed" for high speed copiers.

Alternative reasons for jamming may be that your machine may need cleaning or adjusting. Also, try another brand of recycled paper, just as you'd try another brand of virgin paper. Recycled papers are virtually indistinguishable from their non-recycled counterparts, with similar performance, color, and cost.

Do the fibers in recycled paper create too much dust and eventually impair the copier or printer?

Testing of recycled content paper is done to ensure that dust is not going to an issue for the equipment the paper is used in. In most instances, excessive dust comes not from recycled fibers but from inadequate production processes or incomplete vacuuming of cut paper sides. Purchasing high quality paper, as is made available by UNLV paper supply vendors, will eliminate the problem.

What are the benefits of buying recycled paper and why should I buy it?

UNLV is committed to a sustainable environment and purchasing recycled content paper products is a great and easy way to contribute to this effort. The use of recycled content paper as opposed to virgin material paper saves trees, energy, and landfill space. Additionally, green house gases and solid waste product associated with the manufacturing process are decreased considerably in the production of recycled paper.

What is purchasing policy on recycled or refilled (sometimes called remanufactured) toner cartridges

We highly encourage each department to make the switch to recycled toner cartridges. Recycled toner cartridges are available for most make and model printers from our Strategic Supplier for office supplies, OfficeMax. Please visit the OfficeMax How To Buy section to determine if a recycled toner cartridge is available for your model printer.

Is it true that recycled toner cartridges may cause damage to printers?

The industry and standards have evolved to produce recycled toner cartridges that are manufactured with high quality replacement parts and components that make them indistinguishable from OEM or original toner cartridges. In addition, recycled toner cartridges purchased from OfficeMax carry with them the guarantee that if damage is caused by the recycled toner cartridge OfficeMax will pay for the repairs or replace the printer if it cannot be fixed.

How about quality of prints using recycled toner cartridges?

The quality of the print outs using recycled is the same as using a brand new toner cartridge. Refilled toner cartridges are made to perform the same as a standard one.

Will using a recycled toner cartridge void the warranty on my equipment?

No. Federal law prohibits manufacturers from refusing to honor warranties because of the use of parts not produced by them. The Federal Trade Commission protects your right as a consumer as detailed in the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, Subparagraph C, Section 101. In short, the use of a recycled toner cartridge not manufactured by the same company as was the printer will not affect the viability of your warranty.

Where can I recycle my toner cartridges?

The Rebel Recycling Program will accept both toner and ink jet cartridges. Just place these items in or next to the recycle bins on campus and they will be collected. The recycled cartridges are sold to a third party who then remanufactures them and the proceeds of those sales go to funding additional recycling efforts.

Who can I contact for questions?

Please contact Purchasing and Contracts Department at 702-895-3521 for assistance and information relating to green purchasing alternatives. You may also email your questions and suggestion to purchasingunlv@unlv.edu and we will promptly respond.