What is MUNIS?

MUNIS is an electronic purchasing system that allows departments to enter their own requests electronically. During data entry, the available budget is displayed on-line. Once the requisition obtains its needed approvals, it is forwarded to purchasing and is converted to a purchase order with a single keystroke.

How do I gain Access to MUNIS?

Are paper requisitions still an option?

We ask that all requisitions be submitted through the MUNIS system. Our department is no longer processing paper RX forms. If you have an emergency please contact your buyer if you have an emergency which will require the use of the paper RX form prior to submission.

What will my department need (hardware or software) in order to be ready to utilize MUNIS in our area?

In most instances, nothing will be required. There are web browser requirements, but Munis uses standard web browsers on recent versions of Windows and Mac OS. As MUNIS is a paperless purchasing system, each department will need to have a scanner in order to scan in quotes and other forms of backup and attach them electronically to requisition submittals.

How do I look up a MUNIS PO in Advantage?

Go to OPOD type in your PO number then leaf (L) to OPOH to view the header leaf (L) again to OPOL to view the line items. OR You can use the Data Warehouse to review PO information.

Why does Advantage show I have available funds in a specific account, but MUNIS says I do not have enough funds for the same account?

Like the Data warehouse, MUNIS is one day behind Advantage. So any activity that takes place today in Advantage will not show up in MUNIS until the next business day.

Who do I contact for support?

Who do I contact for more information?