Department Cards

As a departmental card coordinator, you are required to:

  • Attend initial and any additional required training.
  • Consult the manual to ensure proper use of the card.
  • Safeguard the card.
  • Report a lost or stolen card IMMEDIATELY. Your department has full liability for all purchases made before a card is reported lost or stolen. Although the card is issued in the cardholder's name, it is the property of the university.
  • Ensure the PCard is used for official university purchases and not personal use.
  • Follow all university, Board of Regents, state, federal, and purchasing guidelines.
  • Alert vendors that the university is tax-exempt.
  • Resolve any discrepancies with vendors.
  • Ensure merchant documentation is complete and available for every transaction.
  • Ensure monthly reconciliations are completed correctly and on time.
  • Notify the purchasing coordinator when any user of the card transfers to another department or leaves the university so the card may be cancelled immediately and a new one ordered.

Obtaining a PCard

Please complete the following steps to have a PCard issued in your name:

  1. Fill out the Department Purchasing Card Application and Cardholder Agreement. The signature authorities for the referenced default and backup accounts must provide approval for use by signing the account application. These forms must then be signed by the department chair, director, dean, vice president, provost, or president.
  2. Bring completed forms to the program coordinator in CSB 235. We suggest you hand deliver the application to our office because of the personal contents included.
  3. Wait to be contacted to schedule a training session. All users of the card will need to bring photographic identification (current driver's license, military ID card, passport, or Rebel Card) to the training session.
  4. Complete training and successfully complete the post-test.
  5. Sign the back of the card if you are the department card coordinator, although it is recommended that the signature space on the back of the card contain “UNLV ID required.”

Once a Departmental Card Is Issued

  • Safeguard against use by unauthorized individuals. These cards are not issued to individuals.
  • Develop an internal policy to ensure the security of the card. The person approving the issuance of the card (the department head) will be ultimately be responsible for the security of the card.
  • All records relating to PCard transactions must be retained by the department for a full seven years (six years plus current fiscal year). Missing receipts may be ordered from our bank for a fee or by completing Unavailable Transaction Document Forms/Instructions (Appendix J) in the PCard manual.
  • Maintain a sign-out sheet so you can keep a record of who has used the card and when. It is also suggested that a transaction log be kept in the department to help in the monthly reconciliation.