The UNLV INBRE consulting services is a mentoring resource open to junior faculty and associated graduate students, as well as community partnerships in Southern Nevada. UNLV INBRE is designed to serve as an adjunct to individual academic departments within the University and beyond. UNLV INBRE offers consultation on various aspects of the research process and offers a variety of services ranging from technical assistance in student or faculty projects to serving as statisticians and methodologists on grant and other proposal development.

For more information or appointments please contact us using INBRE_consulting@unlv.edu or ge.kan@unlv.edu.


UNLV INBRE provides a variety of consulting services to students including:

Research Design/Methods

  • Data cleaning, management, visualization and archiving
  • Program evaluation
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental methodology
  • Developmental research methods
  • Time series designs
  • Grant proposal development

Statistical Analysis

  • Power analysis
  • Formulation of research questions and implementation of descriptive statistics
  • Basic parametric (e.g., ANOVA, regression) and non-parametric statistics
  • Factor analysis and associated scale development analysis
  • Cluster, discriminant functioning and associated analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Geographic information system applications

Find a Consultant

To Obtain INBRE consulting, fill out the following application form and return it to ge.kan@unlv.edu. A consultant will then be assigned to you and will contact you within three working days for an initial meeting.

  • For graduate students using the service, we require the signature of the major professor or his/her attendance at the initial meeting.
  • At the initial meeting we will get an overview of the research and decide upon a general approach for solving the problems discussed. Subsequently, you and the consultant will work closely together to complete the project.
  • Consultants are most effective when they are involved in the formulation and design stages of a project. We therefore, encourage clients seeking help at the early stage of their research.

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Ge Lin Kan, Ph.D.
University of Nevada Las Vegas
School of Public Health
4505 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154
Phone: 702-895-1625
Email: ge.kan@unlv.edu

Lab Location
Rod Lee Bigelow Health Sciences (BHS), Room 131