About Program Review

Program review is a Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents policy. The policy states:

  1. A review of existing academic programs shall be conducted by the universities, State College, and community colleges on at least a ten-year cycle to assure academic quality, and to determine if need, student demand, and available resources support their continuation pursuant to the following.
    1. The review of existing programs must include multiple criteria. Although criteria may vary slightly between campuses, as institutions have different missions and responsibilities, there should be comparable data from all programs. The review must include both quantitative and qualitative dimensions of program effectiveness, and peer review.
    2. Criteria to be utilized in the review of existing programs shall include the following: quality, need/demand for the program, relation to the institutional mission, cost, relationship to other programs in the System, student outcomes, and quality and adequacy of resources such as library materials, equipment, space, and nonacademic services.
    3. An annual report will be published by the institution on the results of existing program evaluations and a summary of that report will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Office and presented to the Academic and Student Affairs Committee annually. When the annual report is presented to the Committee, at least two teaching institutions selected by the Chancellor’s Office will also present in detail the reviews conducted for at least one program. The presentation by each institution shall include, but is not limited to, the institution’s process for evaluating existing programs generally, indications of quality, whether the program is meeting employer expectations, improvements in student learning outcomes, and any action steps identified based on the review of the program and the status of the action steps.

(B/R 3/16)
Program review at UNLV is facilitated by the Faculty Senate Program Review Committee and the Graduate College Program Review Committee in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Programs.