TILT Higher Ed Examples and Resources

The following resources from the Transparency in Learning and Teaching project (TILT Higher Ed) can help faculty, educational developers and administrators to apply the Transparency Framework (of purpose/task/criteria) in contexts including assignments, curricula, assessment and strategic initiatives, all toward the goal of enhancing student success equitably.

Introduction to Transparency in Learning and Teaching

Talking about Transparent Instruction

Tools for Revising/Creating your Own Transparent Assignments

Tools for Gathering Feedback on your Draft Assignments

Workshop Videos and Slides

For Faculty

  • Transparent Assignment Design faculty workshop videorecording (“Using Transparent Assignments to Increase Students' Success,” Mary-Ann Winkelmes, keynote workshop, 13th Annual Advancing Teaching and Learning Conference, Texas Tech University, March 3, 2017.
    • Part 1) Research findings
    • Part 2) Example Assignments
    • Part 3) Peer feedback on your own assignments

For Faculty Developers

For Institutional Leaders