Promotion & Tenure

Promotion and tenure are important milestones in the career of an academic faculty member. Granted as a reward for teaching, scholarly, and service contributions to the University and to their respective field of study, both honors are designed to build a faculty committed to excellence for the institution and to enhance its reputation. The conferral of promotion and tenure follows a rigorous evaluation process involving multiple layers of peer and administrator review.

2018-2019 Promotion & Tenure Cycle

Faculty members applying for promotion and tenure must chronicle their teaching efforts, scholarly accomplishments, and service contributions in a comprehensive application dossier. This record is extensively reviewed at several levels within the University and by external reviewers in their field.

To provide applicants with an overview of the entire process, informational sessions jointly organized by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Faculty Senate are held prior to the start of each review cycle.

During the course of the promotion and tenure review cycle, the Office of Faculty Affairs offers ongoing informational and technical support to both promotion and tenure applicants as well as to others involved in review processes.

Available for download below is a consolidated file of the 2018-2019 Promotion and Tenure Review Cycle documents, including instructions; department committee, department chair, college committee, and dean evaluation forms; faculty waiver form; and more. This file does not contain a blank application form. In consultation with the Faculty Senate, Digital Measures has been selected as the platform for completion of the tenure and/or promotion application. Applicants must enter information into their Digital Measures profile and generate their application from the system. Regular support sessions for Digital Measures are held throughout the year.

Congratulations to the 2018 Tenure Recipients

Executive Vice President and Provost, Diane Z. Chase, congratulates the faculty who have received tenure commencing July 1, 2018. The tenure recommendations were officially approved at the March 2018 Board of Regents meeting.

Promotion & Tenure Governing Documents

Working with P&T Forms

The promotion and tenure forms are dynamic PDF forms that require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete. They also require electronic signatures using Adobe Digital ID. For instructions and other guidance, please consult the Completing and Signing PDF Forms help page.


Questions regarding the promotion and tenure process can be directed to