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Choosing your next destination as an academic professional is an important decision—and we’d like to thank you for considering bringing your strengths as an educator and researcher to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Since classes were first held in 1957, UNLV has grown from a small branch college into the largest public research institution in Nevada. Our high-quality educational programs and advanced research facilities attract students and scholars from across the nation and around the globe. Today, UNLV is a vital resource to the city of Las Vegas and the state, playing a critical role in the economic and social prosperity of our local and regional communities.

For the members of this campus, UNLV is more than just a place to work. Our dedicated faculty are passionate about all they do in the classroom, in the lab, and in outreach to the public. The university community is an inclusive and collaborative one, composed of individuals who are working together to make a positive impact every day.

With Top Tier plans under way and a new School of Medicine that welcomed its charter class in 2017, it’s an exciting time to be at UNLV. All around our campus, innovative educational programs are being developed, critical research partnerships are being forged, and valuable public service projects are being launched as part of our forward-looking institutional mission. Outstanding faculty are essential to our efforts to become one of the country’s premier research universities, so we’re seeking energetic and enthusiastic faculty members who are eager to assist us on the path. We especially invite individuals from underrepresented groups to join our faculty ranks. As a public institution of higher education, UNLV is committed to building a diverse faculty to meet the needs of our diverse student body and the diverse community in which we exist.

We hope the information on this site will help you decide whether to apply to or accept an offer from the university. Again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to welcoming you into the UNLV community very soon!

Why UNLV? Why Now?

We are in the midst of the most dynamic period in UNLV’s history since its founding more than 60 years ago. The University is experiencing record enrollments and is launching a brand new School of Medicine to complement existing professional schools, the highly regarded William S. Boyd School of Law and the School of Dental Medicine. We’re acquiring new academic spaces and constructing state of the art teaching and research facilities. Everywhere around us, there is change, motion, and progress. All of this fast-paced activity is in support of our Top Tier vision.

We’re confident that you’ll find the energetic UNLV environment conducive to your growth as an educator and scholar. Whether you are from the hard sciences or engineering or from the social sciences and humanities, whether you are a young faculty member just beginning your career or an experienced one with an established body of work, resources are available to help you innovate your teaching, elevate your research or creative activity, and advance in your career.

Here’s what you can expect as a member of the faculty at UNLV:


High quality undergraduate and graduate instruction are central to the educational mission of UNLV. Educators throughout campus are working together to develop innovative curricula and teaching methods to excite and inspire students in a 21st century learning environment. The University maintains strong internal academic assessment programs to ensure continuous improvement of all our educational programs. Faculty members seeking to advance their teaching can rely on departmental and college resources along with services in the UNLV Faculty Center.


The UNLV research community is committed to performing innovative research that produces actionable knowledge. Our faculty are continually searching for ways to integrate knowledge across disciplines to improve understanding of problems and discover better solutions. They are not only generating new knowledge in leading-edge areas of science, technology, business, education, and more, but also applying that knowledge to better the lives of people in our local community and in communities around the world. Some of the most impactful research activities on campus include projects in personalized medicine, robotics, and higher education.

Since 2009, the University has hosted Brookings Mountain West, which represents a strategic arrangement between UNLV and The Brookings Institution bringing the think tank’s world-renown scholars to Las Vegas in order to collaborate with local researchers on the complex issues facing the rapidly-growing Intermountain West region. Working closely with Brookings Mountain West, The Lincy Institute is a similar interdisciplinary research organization that focuses on improving healthcare, education, and social services in the state of Nevada.

Faculty at UNLV are actively engaged in training the next generation of researchers. The University’s highly-regarded research programs draw graduate students from around the country and the world. UNLV also maintains a robust undergraduate research program.

UNLV provides extensive support for faculty research, largely facilitated through the Office of Research and Economic Development. Additional resources are available from the Office of Faculty Affairs, the UNLV Libraries, and academic departments and colleges.

Creative Activity

Creative activity is an indispensable part of the body of intellectual scholarship at UNLV. Our University is home to preeminent creative scholars in the fields of art, dance, music, film, theater, architecture, and creative writing. As an example, the Black Mountain Institute, which is an international center for literary scholars, offers nationally ranked programs in creative writing and supports a thriving residential fellowship program. Entities such the Black Mountain Institute, Nevada Conservatory Theater, Performing Arts Center, Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, and others all contribute to a rich creative culture on the UNLV campus that permeates into the local community.

Institutional Culture

At UNLV, diversity is a core value. In the most recent ranking of Campus Ethnic Diversity by U.S. News & World Report, UNLV was tied for first among national universities. We wear this ranking as a badge of honor and take very seriously our responsibility to maintain a diverse faculty that is equipped to meet the educational needs of our unique students. We firmly believe that educational communities are enriched by contributions from individuals of different backgrounds and experiences, and we regard a diverse educational community as one of our greatest strengths. The campus culture among faculty, staff, and students is one of respect, inclusion, and appreciation of individual differences. The University climate is also supportive of the diversity of ideas. Our campus culture values scholarship, creative activity, and intellectual inquiry in their many forms.

Faculty Development

As UNLV traverses the path to Top Tier, the institution is heavily invested in the professional development and career progress of its faculty members. The mission of the Office of Faculty Affairs is to provide administrative and career advancement support to all new and current faculty members. Our entire office is dedicated to facilitating the success of faculty and enriching their experience as educators and scholars at UNLV. Aside from connecting faculty with various Faculty Center resources, we offer mentoring, leadership enhancement, and other professional development services.

Salary & Benefits

UNLV offers a competitive salary and benefits package to all faculty, including mandatory and supplemental retirement plans, health and life insurance, long-term disability insurance, holiday and annual leave, sick leave, family medical leave, grant-in-aid, and a variety of optional products. Additional details are available on the Human Resources Benefits page.

Life in Las Vegas

UNLV is located in one of the world’s most exciting cities, only three miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip. With a population of over two million in the surrounding metropolitan area, Las Vegas is a 24-hour town offering all the facilities, services, and cultural amenities one expects from a major urban region, including world-class restaurants, shopping districts, museums, sports arenas, and performance venues.

Although widely known for its neon lights, iconic casino-hotels, and flourishing tourism industry, the city that bills itself as “The Entertainment Capital of the World” is actually a stable and family-friendly place to live and work. Away from the Strip, Las Vegas and adjacent cities such as Henderson and Boulder City offer planned communities and unique neighborhoods with a variety of residential options. Real estate costs in Las Vegas are considerably lower than they are in other major cities. The lack of a state income tax combined with a low cost of living makes Las Vegas surprisingly affordable.

Commuting to work in Las Vegas takes far less time than in other metropolitan areas. The freeway systems and roadways are easy to navigate and facilitate a pleasant, stress-free commute.

Las Vegas typically boasts at least three hundred days of sunshine a year, making it an ideal climate for those interested in outdoor recreational activities. Local parks and trails offer numerous opportunities for hiking and biking enthusiasts and nature lovers of all types.

Overall, the communities of Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County have much to offer. Current faculty members find that Las Vegas is a beautiful place to live and an ideal location to raise a family.

Still Not Convinced?

There are no better spokespeople for the academic culture of UNLV than our current faculty members themselves. We’ve asked a few of them to explain in their own words, “Why UNLV?”

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