Administrative Processes & Personnel Reviews

Tenure & Promotion

Tenure and promotion are important milestones in the career of an academic faculty member. Granted as a reward for teaching, scholarly, and service contributions to the University and to the respective field of study, both honors are designed to build a faculty committed to excellence for the institution and to enhance its reputation. The conferral of tenure and/or promotion follows a rigorous evaluation process involving multiple layers of peer and administrator review.

Annual Evaluations

NSHE policy requires all academic faculty to be evaluated at least once a year by their department chair. The annual evaluation process at UNLV begins in January with a faculty member’s completion of an Annual Achievement Report. In February, an evaluation is conducted by the Chair of the department that is subsequently reviewed by the faculty member and the Dean of the college/school. The process concludes in March with a final review from the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Conflict of Interest / Outside Compensated Activities Reporting

Conflict of Interest/Outside Compensated Activities reporting is conducted every winter via electronic survey. The Office of Faculty Affairs coordinates this reporting for both academic and administrative faculty members. We work with the Division of Research and Economic Development to ensure that faculty who are federally funded operate within federal guidelines.

Faculty Activity Tracking (UNLV Folio)

UNLV Folio is the University’s new information management system for administrative reviews. Within its secure and convenient web-based environment, UNLV Folio provides a database and reporting tool for faculty members to document their scholarly achievements along with a workflow module for university administrators to manage a variety of review processes, including annual evaluations and promotion and tenure reviews. It also incorporates a personal document curation platform for faculty to maintain their scholarly materials.


A faculty member may file a grievance in response to any perceived violation of university regulations or procedures. Grievance petitions are submitted directly to the Faculty Senate.

Assistance with Faculty Surveys

As part of its comprehensive administrative services in support of faculty, the Office of Faculty Affairs offers faculty survey resources to colleges and departments.  If your unit needs to carry out a survey of your faculty, we will help you to set up and administer the survey via Qualtrics.