Best Teaching Practices: UNLV Examples


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Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Ph.D.
Director of Instructional Development and Research
Office of Faculty, Policy, and Research
Phone: 702-895-4832

Apps and Tools for Teaching/Learning

  • Emma Bloomfield, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, “An App that Measures Students’ Real-time Understanding During Class”  Poster | Handout
  • Joe Ervin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Academic Success Center, “Games and Learning” Poster | Handout
  • Lori Johnson, Assistant Professor in Residence, Lawyering Process, “Class Polling Devices and Learning” PosterHandout
  • Ed Jorgensen & Guyman Hall, Lecturers, Computer Science, “First-Year Experience Teaching Tools” Poster | Handout
  • Gabriel Judkins, Assistant Professor in Residence, Geosciences, College of Sciences, “Visualization for Spatial Comprehension” | Poster
  • Darrell Lutey, Associate Director Instructional Technology Services, Office of Information Technology, “Lecture Capture / Flipping / Clickers” | Poster
  • Kim Nehls, Executive Director of ASHE and Visiting Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology & Higher Ed, “A Gaming App that Increases Learning” Poster | Handout
  • Daniel R. Siciliano, Lecturer, Accounting, Lee Business School, “Facebook Group in ACC 202" | Poster

Assignments and Rubrics

Community Engagement, Identity and Inclusion

  • Erika Abad, Assistant Professor in Residence, Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies, College of Liberal Arts, “Profiling as Pedagogy – Difficult Dialog in Practice" | Poster
  • Elena Gandia Garcia, Assistant Professor in Residence, World Languages and Culture, College of Liberal Arts, “Volunteering in the Community: Combining Service and Learning | Poster
  • Rian Satterwhite, Director, Service Learning & Leadership, Division of Student Affairs, “Establishing Service-Learning Criteria at UNLV | Poster
  • Alison Sloat, Assistant Professor in Residence, College of Sciences, “Rebel Science Camp: Outreach Through Engagement" | Poster

Evidence of Student Achievement

Games and Learning

  • Sara Mathis, Lecturer, Communication Studies, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, “Are Dogs Better Than Cats?: Teaching Oral and Written Persuasion Skills" | Poster
  • Cass Shum, Assistant Professor, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, “Enhancing Student Learning with Word Games" | Poster
  • Erica S. Tietjen, Lecturer, School of Public Policy and Leadership, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, “Using a Breakout Box to Encourage Critical Thinking in the Classroom" | Poster

Metacognition and Teaching

Online Learning

  • Matthew Bernacki, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology & Higher Ed, Online Tools that Help STEM Students “Learn to Learn” Poster | Handout
  • Lori Candela, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, “Reducing Online Students’ Isolation” Poster | Handout
  • Leeann Fields, Assistant Director, Office of Online Education, “Tips-n- Tricks for Online Teaching” Poster | Handout
  • Tiffiany Howard, Associate Professor, Political Science, College of Liberal Arts, “Instructional Methods That Improve Outcomes for UNLV Students in Virtual Classrooms" | Poster
  • Yeonsoo Kim, Instructional Artist and Heather Whitesides, Assistant Instructional Designer, Office of Online Education, “Agile Instructional Design for Learning" | Poster
  • Robyn Raschke, Associate Professor, Accounting, Lee Business School, “Creative Student Engagement" | Poster
  • Benjamin Root, Instructional Programmer, Office of Online Education, “Add Interactive Elements to Videos Using H5P" | Poster
  • Cecilia Turman, Graduate Student, Teaching and Learning, College of Education, “Web Based, Personalized and Experiential Learning" | Poster
  • Jenifer Utz, Assistant Professor in Residence, School of Life Sciences, College of Sciences and Matthew Bernacki, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology and Higher Education, College of Education, “Web-based Self-Assessment Improves Exam Performance" | Poster
  • Jenifer C. Utz, and Matthew L. Bernacki, "Voluntary Web-Based Self-Assessment Quiz Use is Associated With
    Improved Exam Performance.
    Journal of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (August 2018).
  • Heather Whitesides, Assistant Instructional Designer and Yeonsoo Kim, Instructional Artist, Office of Online Education, “Benefits of Hybrid Courses for Students and Faculty" | Poster

Other Best Practices

  • Jacimaria Batista and Erica Marti, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction, “Continuous Lab Feedback”  PosterHandout
  • Roberta Sabbath, Adjunct Faculty, Department of English, “Getting Students to Talk (Even the Shy Ones)”  PosterHandout
  • Daniel R. Siciliano, Lecturer, Accounting, Lee Business School, “Internships for Accounting Students" | Poster
  • Nathan Slife, Assistant Professor in Residence, Educational Psychology & Higher Education, “Building Relationships for UNLV Students’ Success”  PosterHandout
  • Haroon Stephen, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Construction, “My Best Teaching Practices”  PosterHandout
  • Diane Villa, Assistant Professor in Residence, Psychology, “Evidence, ‘Truthiness,’ and Critical Thinking”  PosterHandout
  • Mary Wammack, Part Time Instructor, History, “Introducing Students to Faculty Scholarship” Poster | Handout

Peer Learning and Flipped Instruction

  • Emma Bloomfield, Assistant Professor, Communications, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs and Kathryn Rafferty, Assistant Professor in Residence, School of Life Sciences, College of Sciences, “Working Groups as Classroom Management Style" | Poster
  • Dak Kopec, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, College of Fine Arts, “Interior Architecture’s Use of Rotating Teams" | Poster
  • Erica Marti, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, “Instructors Learn from Homework, Too: Data Collection to Facilitate Reteaching Before the Test" | Poster

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Publications

Self-identity / Self-efficacy and Learning

  • Emmanuel Ayim, Assistant Professor in Residence, Kinesiology and Nutrition Science, “Self-identification and Graduation Rate Increases” PosterHandout
  • Jori Beck, Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning, and Christina Santoyo, “Mastery Learning” PosterHandout
  • David Copeland, Associate Professor, Psychology, “Cumulative Exams (with a twist)” PosterHandout
  • Malayka Neith Cornejo, Graduate Assistant, Teaching & Learning, “Building Community and Metacognition” PosterHandout
  • Ed Jorgensen, Lecturer, Computer Science, “Class Splitting for Large Lecture Courses”  Handout
  • Elana Paladino, Assistant Professor in Residence, College of Sciences, “Providing Annotated Examples Increases Science Learning” PosterHandout
  • Shelly Volsche, Graduate Student and Visiting Lecturer, Academic Success Center, “Intersectionality/Diversity and Learning”  PosterHandout

Service Learning and Site-based Learning

  • Nathan Hanke, Director, Service Learning, Student Engagement & Diversity, “Service Learning”  PosterHandout
  • Anna Smedley-Lopez, Assistant Professor in Residence, Sociology, “Service Learning: SLICES”  PosterHandout
  • Erica Tietjen, Lecturer, Public Policy & Leadership, “The Las Vegas Wash: Student Real-world Site Involvement” PosterHandout

Syllabi and Course Descriptions

Teaching Materials

Teaching Philosophy Statements

Undergraduate Research

  • Kim Nehls, Visiting Assistant Professor, Executive Director, ASHE, College of Education, “Tea-Searching with Undergrad and Grad Students: Moving Beyond STEM" | Poster

Video Recordings of Teaching