Instructional Development and Research


As a coordinated whole, UNLV's instructional development and research services promote UNLV students' academic success by advancing research-based teaching and learning practices across the campus and online. The services described here support the professional development of all members of the UNLV teaching community through a program of research, consultation, events and resources.


Instructional development and research services are:


We promote teaching practices that are grounded in research on students’ learning in higher education contexts. In addition, we conduct research on our own students’ learning in order to identify and encourage teaching methods that enhance our students’ academic success.

Responsive to the Needs of UNLV's Teaching Community

A wide variety of faculty and academic professionals teach and advise UNLV students. Our services and resources are designed to support their work.

Supportive of Teaching and Learning in a Public, Minority-Serving, Top Tier University Context


To fulfill these goals, providers of Instructional Development and Research services must offer a trustworthy environment to members of the UNLV teaching community. We follow the Ethical Guidelines for Educational Developers developed by the national POD Network in Higher Education, and we will release the name of a participant only upon the participant's request.

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