General Education is a set of requirements that introduce students to the university's academic community and expectations. All UNLV students must complete the General Education requirements to earn an undergraduate degree.

The purpose of the UNLV General Education Program is to foster attainment of knowledge and skills that will enable students to perform better in their academic majors and in their post-graduate careers.

The UNLV University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (UULOs) describe the knowledge and skills that empower students to be successful in and after college. These UULOs challenge students to:

  • Become effective inquirers, critical thinkers.
  • Become effective oral and written communicators.
  • Participate knowledgeably and ethically in civic life.
  • Develop knowledge of the world's diverse societies.
  • Understand and integrate basic principles of natural and social sciences, humanities and fine arts into their learning.
  • Continue their learning throughout their lives.