Digital Measures

Digital Measures is a secure and easy-to-use online information management tool for academic faculty members to organize, track, and report on their instructional, research, creative, clinical, service, and other professional activities. Because their activity data are stored permanently, faculty members are only required to enter information once for various individual, department, college, and university purposes, including curriculum vitae, web profiles, bio-sketches for grant applications, annual achievement reports, mid-tenure/tenure and promotion applications, accreditation reviews, and mandatory system reports.

Digital Measures is now the preferred method of faculty activity reporting at UNLV. There are a number of important reasons why the University is seeking to accelerate the institution-wide adoption of this digital system. Primary among them is an improved ability to quantify faculty activities in order to promote and support the wide range of scholarly work and expertise on our campus.

The new system will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing administrative reporting and personnel review processes, saving considerable time and resources and ultimately providing an unprecedented wealth of faculty data. We anticipate that as departments, colleges, and schools become aware of the extent of Digital Measures’ powerful reporting capabilities, they will devise new and innovative ways to capitalize on the richness of these data and leverage their resulting insights toward the advancement of their units and the University at large.


Most full-time academic faculty members can access Digital Measures through a designated link on the Faculty tab in MyUNLV.

Library faculty, School of Medicine faculty, and others assigned to an alternate login can access the tool using the UNLV Digital Measures login screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures is, in fact, the name of the company behind Activity Insight, a software-as-a-service application that provides a simple and intuitive interface for faculty members to organize, track, and report on their instructional, research, creative, clinical, service, and other professional activities. Here at UNLV — and at institutions around the country — the information management tool itself has come to be known as "Digital Measures." For the sake of consistency, and to avoid further confusion, we will continue to refer to the application as Digital Measures.

What is the purpose of Digital Measures?

Digital Measures facilitates quick and easy access to accurate, up to-date information on faculty members’ teaching, scholarly, service, and other professional activities. By keeping Digital Measures profiles updated throughout the year, faculty and administrators can readily generate reports to fulfill all sorts of individual and university reporting needs, including CVs, grant applications, personnel reviews, accreditation studies, mandatory federal/state reports, media and promotional communications, and much more.

What are the advantages of Digital Measures?

The utilization of Digital Measures on our campus comes with a number of benefits and advantages for both faculty and the University:

  • Faculty can access the tool 24/7/365 from any computer with an Internet connection. Most faculty can log into the system through MyUNLV, without needing to remember an additional set of authentication credentials.
  • The database system can be customized to track and report on the unique professional activities of faculty from all disciplines. If the current configuration does not adequately meet the needs of a particular department or college/school, additional data fields can be created and revised data reports can be developed.
  • Data can be automatically imported from other campus information systems, minimizing the need for manual data entry.
  • Because their activity data are stored permanently, faculty are only required to enter information once into the database system. Then the data can be used repeatedly to generate various types of personal reports (e.g., CVs, biographical sketches, etc.) and personnel documents (e.g. annual achievement reports, mid-tenure applications, tenure and promotion applications, etc.).
  • Chairs, deans, and other university administrators can use the centralized repository to rapidly generate summary reports for internal data requests and external requests from accrediting bodies, regulatory entities, government agencies, media groups, etc. without having to continually ask faculty members for information about their activities and achievements.
  • All data can be downloaded and warehoused to maintain institutional history of faculty responsibilities and accomplishments. Faculty data can be linked to student data and other institutional data, furnishing the capability to conduct comprehensive research and analysis.
  • Standardized and consistent faculty web profiles generated from the data can encourage interdisciplinary research among campus faculty, facilitate collaborations with faculty across the country and globe, and forge partnerships with external groups (e.g., industry, government, media, schools, etc.) seeking expertise in particular disciplines or fields. Such profiles can also attract prospective faculty and students to the institution.
  • Information derived from the data can help promote the University and communicate its contributions as an institution of higher education.

Accounts and System Access

How do I access Digital Measures?

Most full-time academic faculty members can access Digital Measures through MyUNLV. After logging into MyUNLV, select the Faculty tab at the top left of the portal and click on the Digital Measures link. This will pass your authentication through to Digital Measures.

Library faculty, School of Medicine faculty, and others assigned to an alternate login can access the tool using the UNLV Digital Measures login screen. Most faculty members will need to enter their NSHE ID, which serves as their Digital Measures username, in order to log in. Other individuals, including administrative assistants, have been assigned a username of firstname.lastname.

What should I do if I’m unable to log into Digital Measures?

If you are experiencing problems with logging into the system, please contact Tondra De , who is the University Administrator for Digital Measures at UNLV.

Can I give someone else access to my account so that they can enter data for me?

University policies prohibit the sharing of user IDs and passwords. However, we can create a temporary account for a specified individual whose sole security role within the system will be to act as your proxy and to enter data or run reports on your behalf.

How long will my information be available?

Faculty will have access to their data until they are no longer associated with UNLV. At that point, a faculty member's information will still remain in Digital Measures for at least one year, although the individual's status will be changed to inactive.

Data Security and Privacy

How secure is Digital Measures?

To ensure the safety and privacy of user information, all data stored within Digital Measures are secured and backed up by industry-standard technologies. Please visit the Serious Security page for additional details.

Who can access my information?

The information in your Digital Measures account can be accessed by you, your department chair, your college/school dean, and select members of the University administration only. Fellow faculty from your department or from other units, or individuals from outside the university, will not be able to access your information.

What can the vendor do with my data?

According to the terms of the Digital Measures' standard service agreement, your data (or meta-data about your data) cannot be sold, given away, or disseminated in any way by the vendor. Additional details about the Digital Measures privacy policy can be found at the Our Privacy Policy page.

Profile Information and Data Entry

How often do I need to update my information?

We recommend that you update your profile whenever you have a new activity to report. If you update your information on a regular basis, you will minimize your work when a report is due and be able to generate the report with a few clicks of your mouse.

How do I know where to enter each of my different types of activities?

Your Digital Measures profile is divided into five broad areas: General Information, Teaching, Scholarship/Research, Intellectual Property, and Service. The names of the sections that belong to each of these areas should make it clear where a particular activity should be entered. For further guidance, please contact Tondra De, who is the University Administrator for Digital Measures at UNLV.

What should I do if my activity doesn’t fit into any existing categories?

As a short-term solution, use the “Other” and “Explanation of Other” options to document your activity. To make sure that your activities are properly categorized in the future, please send an email containing the details of your activity to Tondra De, who is the University Administrator for Digital Measures at UNLV. If appropriate, we will work with the technical staff at Digital Measures to make a modification to the system configuration and revise the categories to reflect your contribution.

Should I include sensitive or proprietary information about research that has not yet been published?

If you don’t feel comfortable providing the details of a sensitive or proprietary research project, you may enter it under a general title or leave it out of the system altogether.

Why can’t I edit certain sections of my Digital Measures profile?

Some information in Digital Measures is imported from other authoritative systems on campus and cannot be edited in order to maintain data integrity and consistency. Data are imported from Human Resources, MyUNLV, and the Office of Sponsored Programs. If any of this information is incorrect, it will first need to be corrected within the system of record and then it can be updated on the next import to Digital Measures. Colleagues may also list you as a contributor on publications, funding awards, presentations, etc. These records can only be updated by the original creator of the record.

Why do certain sections of my Digital Measures profile contain duplicate entries?

Many pilot users of Digital Measures had content imported from CVs and other sources, and sometimes this resulted in duplicate entries. Duplicate items can be deleted by selecting the duplicate from the summary screen and clicking the delete button.

My imported information is incorrect. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the office or unit that maintains the information system from which the data were imported. You can also submit a request to the Digital Measures team.

Technical Information

What web browsers are supported by Digital Measures?

Digital Measures has compatibility with the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari (Version 7 or later)
  • Google Chrome (Version 32 or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Version 27 or later)
  • Microsoft Edge (Version 0 or later)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 11)

Digital Measures does not require any extensions or plug-ins to work correctly.

Does Digital Measures have spell check?

Most modern web browsers have settings that can enable the browser to check your spelling as you type across all web applications. Enabling these settings will check the spelling of your data entries into Digital Measures.

Additional Assistance

Whom should I contact if I have additional questions or need further assistance?

Please contact Tondra De, who is the University Administrator for Digital Measures at UNLV.

Additional Resources

Faculty Advisory Committee

To ensure that Digital Measures meets the needs of academic faculty, an advisory committee has been formed with a representative from each college/school.

A survey of Digital Measures users is conducted periodically. View the Spring 2015 survey report, here.

Log of Updates and Content Imports

This document contains a listing of updates and content imports along with date completed. For questions about the log or to report issues or inaccuracies in the content imported, please contact Tondra De at

Please fill out the form to request help or submit a suggestion or enhancement request.