Special Fee Information

On behalf of Executive Vice President and Provost (EVP&P), John Valery White, you and your association are invited and encouraged to participate in the Fee Proposal Vetting Process this year.

Each December the Board of Regents (BoR) for the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) reviews proposals for campus fees which include student course fees and campus fees. The Office of the EVP&P receives fee proposals from departments via the dean’s and vice president’s review and approval. This process seeks input from the faculty and student bodies directly (rather than through membership on a committee). Please see below how the groups you represent have a chance to respond on these fees.

  1. Fee materials are attached below for CSUN, GPSA, and Faculty Senate representatives and will be posted on the Academic Resources/EVP&P website.
  2. Your organization has the opportunity to review the fee requests in a manner in which you see fit and provide input at this stage of the process. You are asked to submit one report from your organization on all fee proposals outlining any consultation conducted with students or peers as appropriate, the result of such consultation, and opinions the group wishes to offer.
  3. For your input to be considered, we need this report by September 14, 2015Please email your report directly to[email protected] and [email protected]