The PLuS Center brings relevant and affordable professional education to the hospitality and gaming industries. Course material is based on real-time research and case studies that blend theory and practice from experienced faculty and industry professionals to teach the art, science, and business of hospitality and gaming. Delivery of this knowledge aims to be concise, meaningful, and elegant, making the best use of our participant's time.

Our Mission: To elevate individuals and organizations through impactful, accessible, and affordable professional education that blends academic theory and industry expertise.

Delivery Options

The PLuS Center has several delivery protocols for our learning experiences.


Our most popular and cost-effective courses are offered online delivered by a latest-generation “mobile-first” learning management system. Any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone becomes a learning platform for our courses. All of our online courses take approximately 60 minutes to complete and are designed to be completed in 10-minute segments.

On Campus

We frequently deliver in-classroom programming on the UNLV campus, less than 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Our classroom facilities at the Stan Fulton Building can accommodate groups of up to 100. Please email us for information about our on-campus custom programs.

On Site

In-classroom programming can also be delivered at a client's location, world-wide. Please email us for information about our on-campus custom programs.

Video Conference

The PLuS Center offers video conference programs as a convenient, cost-effective way to deliver professional education. Please email us for information about our video conference programs.

Webinars & Podcasts

Please check back for more information.