Campus Projects

Current Projects

Accelerator Center

  • Phase 1: Completed June 2012
  • Phase 2: Scheduled for completion January 2013
  • Phase 3: Scheduled for completion January 2013
Gross Square Footage

2,205 SF

Total Project Cost



Particle accelerator building

Engineering High Bay Research Lab

Gross Square Footage



Pugsley Simpson & Coulter


Martin Harris Construction

Project Cost



An "educational shop” for Engineering College research. The building’s users can be rotated as faculty grants become available.

Planned Projects

Nursing & Physical Therapy Building (Shadow Lane Campus)

Architect of Record

Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects


The HSS Shadow Lane Campus Nursing and Allied Health Education Building (formerly ACTC Building) Project is planned as a 72,000 GSF facility. The facility will house the UNLV School of Nursing and UNLV Physical Therapy and potentially other UNLV Allied Health programs. The project will support the relocation of the entire UNLV Nursing program from the UNLV Maryland Campus. Specific program space will be dedicated to classrooms, wet lab research and support space, clinical research/training space, and student and faculty space. The facility will work in concert with the NSHE Health Science System Building B project (the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas), which was completed in Fall 2009.

Hotel College Academic Building

Gross Square Footage

~100,000 SF

Project Cost

~$50,000,000 (1/3 donor funded, 2/3 state funding request)

Construction Cost

Based on the project cost, likely to be ~$35,000,000


The proposed 95,000 SF new Hotel College Academic Building will provide appropriate space for the planned relocation of most college programs and functions currently located in approximately 45,000sf in Beam Hall and supported by 35,000 GSF of existing space in the Stan Fulton Building. The Hotel College is one of UNLV’s most in-demand, successful, and prominent academic and research programs with FTE enrollment growing 46% between 1995 and 2011.

Thomas And Mack Center Infrastructure Improvements And Facility Modernization

Construction Cost

$35,000,000 (anticipated, with project cost of ~$50,000,000)


The current phase is Needs Analysis and Conceptual Design, which will determine and prioritize system upgrades and functional improvements. The focus will likely be on infrastructure and systems, such as mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, and sound systems as well as functional considerations such as concourse circulation, accessibility, and restroom improvements. Additional needs will be identified for potential donor funding in addition to the funding sought from state legislature.

Grant Hall Replacement Building


This project is for a new facility to be constructed on the site where Archie C. Grant Hall, built in 1959, currently exists, in the Midtown UNLV corridor on the UNLV Maryland Parkway Campus, or potentially on the east side of Maryland Parkway if a site at that location is more advantageous, especially if this gives UNLV an opportunity to create a future high density building where Grant Hall is currently located.

Highly regarded undergraduate and graduate programs existing within the college include Art History, Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Graphic Design. Academic facilities, along with gallery spaces for these programs—which are currently housed primarily in Archie C. Grant Hall and secondarily in adjacent buildings—will be combined into the project, increasing academic program space from approximately 37,500 SF to approximately 100,000–115,000 SF planned gross square feet to replace inadequate facilities.

There is the opportunity to include a 60,000 SF office building with retail on the first floor as part of a public/private partnership along with this project.