Campus Master Plans

In addition to UNLV’s main Maryland campus, the university maintains several other campuses, each with its own focus and specializations. Campus master plans are being produced and updated for each location, and their respective planning documentation can be found here.

UNLV Maryland Campus

As of October 2011, UNLV is engaged in a Campus Physical Master Plan Update for our Maryland Campus, which includes planning for core academic, research, athletics, campus life, student recreation, and other core purposes as well as a 55,000-spectator Mega Events Center; a University Village incorporating a mixed-use environment on campus with dining, retail, services, and university facilities; further incorporation of Midtown UNLV, which plans to create a vibrant and active University District on the east side of campus in collaboration with private landowners; a more extensive campus housing program; and other components.

Prior to October 2011, UNLV last had a full update to its Maryland Campus master plan approved by the Board of Regents in March 2004. Prior to 2004, UNLV had completed campus physical master plans in 1968, 1978, and 1989. Between 2004 and October 2011, UNLV conducted a series of focused planning updates and studies and adjusted the campus master plan, including adding the initial Midtown UNLV master plan update in 2006 to incorporate campus development features and principles relative to the Midtown UNLV vision. An Urban Land Institute Planning Study in 2007 further assessed the basis, scope, focus, and features of the integration of the Midtown UNLV vision into the campus master plan. UNLV will seek Board of Regents approval for the campus master plan update at their November 29­–30, 2012 meeting.

Shadow Lane Campus

In close collaboration with the NSHE Health Sciences System, UNLV conducted a campus physical master plan update for the Shadow Lane Campus in 2009. This update plans for increasing academic, research, and campus life components in the urban setting of this campus as well as potential multi-institutional health sciences components in a campus of greater density.

UNLV North Las Vegas Campus

UNLV has been working with the United States Federal Government to secure approximately 2,009 acres of United States Bureau of Land Management land in North Las Vegas, NV for the future development of a UNLV campus that would support a wide range of academic, research, campus life and community engagement, and support activities and programs. A campus physical master plan was developed in 2005 for this campus to support general UNLV planning efforts as well as collaboration with the United States Federal Government and related entities in the land transfer and consideration process.