3-D rendering aerial view of the proposed A-E-S building

Master Plan

About the Master Plan

At the end of 2019, UNLV engaged the international design firm Sasaki, to update the master plan for our main campus as well as the medical campus. The plan was developed through a series of engagements with students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders toward realizing eight Principles:

  1. Embrace UNLV’s role as a Top Tier University
  2. Foster unparalleled Student Experience
  3. Celebrate Diversity
  4. Achieve Preeminence in Health Science
  5. Advance Research Growth and Partnerships
  6. Engage with Las Vegas
  7. Promote Stewardship
  8. Enhance Connectivity and Institutional Identity

To realize these principles the new master plan will reinforce and grow our existing promenades, malls, corridors, and open spaces, and will organize colleges into neighborhoods to advance academics and student experience.

University Core: Student academics-focused zone, including the Lied Library, a satellite Student Union, and Academic Success Center.  In the future, Harmon becomes the main pedestrian corridor and Heart of Campus.

Tropicana District: Enhances student life including housing, dining, and the Student Wellness and Recreation Center.

Harmon District: Enhances the entry off of Harmon and organizes athletics into a cohesive zone including the ball fields and practice facilities.

Cottage Grove District: Includes the theaters, elementary and pre-school, and engineering buildings.

Midtown District: Celebrates our main campus entry at Maryland Parkway. This zone includes the new business school, fine arts building, and museum and becomes the primary connector to the Maryland Corridor.

The Master Plan will also focus on connections. We are enhancing pedestrian pathways, adding landscaping and site amenities to make better use of our outdoor areas.  We have new bike paths and bike lockers being installed. We are also connecting the campus to surrounding transit routes.

We also have developed new sign standards and will be rolling out new building wayfinding and landmark signs.  You may see some of these being installed recently at GRS and we are finalizing the main Maryland Pkwy Campus and will be focusing on expanding our presence down Maryland Parkway to create an identifiable university zone. We are also continuing to work on the Medical Campus toward achieving our health science goals. More planning documentation can be found at the Campus Master Plan website.