IT, Records and Facilities

Rebecca Chapin

Administrative Assistant III, IT and Records

Adele Doctor

Administrative Assistant 3, Information Technology and Records
Phone: 702-895-2845

Cortney Gonzalez

Facilities Specialist
Phone: 702-895-2847

George Musovski

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Phone: 702-895-2844

David Reyes

Data and Reporting Analyst
Phone: 702-895-2337

Tiffany L. Vickers, CPA

Senior Associate Vice President, Finance & Administration and CFO
Phone: 702-895-2834

Denise Vidal

Administrative Assistant III, IT and Facilities Administration
Phone: 702-895-3641

Tanya Williams

Administrative Assistant 4, IT & Records
Phone: 702-895-2855

Cameryne Kelley

Director of Records and Information Services
Phone: 702-895-2884

Barbara Patai

Administrative Assistant, IT and Records

Joseph Sly

Director of Information Technology and Facilities, Systems Administration
Phone: 702-895-2846