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Zachary Johnigan



Zachary Johnigan is a child of God and a rising community leader. As an avid student of the Nevada System of Higher Education, Zachary has served in various student leadership positions such as in 2022, when he was the Student Body President at the College of Southern Nevada. He is pursuing a degree in World Languages, and is now obtaining a bachelor’s in Communications and a minor in Public Policy.  His ability to push himself past his limitations has allowed him to be appointed as the senator representing all the students i his college. As the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs senator he hopes to “create value for the individuals and communities I serve by fostering a climate of enacting interpersonal, group, and public communication solutions for resilient and sustainable communities!”. Zachary seeks to become a pillar in his community by being a shining example of what dedication to improving oneself with the help of God can do.  During his time as President, he says “we helped our students achieve their dreams”. Zachary hopes that by nurturing his natural ability to lead, he will become a strong leader that can be a walking, talking, living example for young men in the future; letting them know, “You can do it too!”.