Headshot of William Hoffman

William Hoffman

Visiting Lecturer
Department(s): Communication Studies
Email: William.hoffman1@unlv.edu


I began my career in Communication Studies at New Mexico State University (NMSU). My M.A. thesis at NMSU emphasized the role of place and social norms in friendship formation. I graduated with my M.A. from NMSU in 2015. That summer, I relocated to Denver to continue teaching, this time as an adjunct faculty instructor at two community colleges. After a year in Denver, I entered the Communication Studies Doctorate Program at the University of Kansas (KU). My research at KU sheds light on interpersonal and intergroup communication in health care settings. In my dissertation, I look at patient-provider communication, particularly highlighting perceptions of preventive health advice. I am excited to be the visiting lecturer in Communication Studies at UNLV! I will be teaching Nonverbal Communication (COM 312), Human Communication Theory (COM 400), Intercultural Communication (COM 412), and Communication & Conflict Resolution (COM 434) in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.