Headshot of Victor Wei

Victor Wei

Senior Advisor to the President - Strategy and Partnerships
Department(s): Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
Office: FND
Mail Code: 1006
Phone: 702-895-2810
Fax: 702-895-1010
Email: victor.wei@unlv.edu


Victor Wei was born in Shanghai, China, and lived in Asia until he immigrated to the U.S. in 1957. He became a U.S. Citizen in 1962. He has lived most of his life in the western U.S. but has attended schools, served on boards, and served clients internationally.

Mr. Wei is the President of WHP Consulting, LLC., in Las Vegas, Nevada, which serves global clients with consulting services to boards, officers and management of organizations engaged in strategic and organic transitions. Mr. Wei has also served in a confidential mentoring and coaching capacity to business owners, board members, officers of public corporations in their professional and personal development, as well as to government officials.

Mr. Wei's experience spans across 21 industries (legal, energy, utility, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, defense, film, entertainment, hospitality, microchips, high tech, recruiting, pharmaceutical, educational, aeronautical, auto dealerships, construction, material handling, and financial) and among Fortune 500, privately owned, start-ups, governmental, as well as not-for-profit businesses. These experiences enable him to bring innovative resources, valuable networks, and effective processes to be applied as appropriate to the situations faced by his clients.

In the present financial and political realities that are in flux and lacking in traditional anchor points, creating clear organizational goals with sound yet flexible strategic roadmaps along with the best configured leadership teams will be essential. Besides such societal and economic flux, disruptive technologies and business models are impacting everyday operations of organizations. Mr. Wei views his mission as assisting organizations and their leadership to navigate effectively in such conditions in order to efficiently achieve their goals.

Mr. Wei is also known for his coaching of senior executives in their leadership and strategic implementation functions and as a speaker on leadership, organizational values, and change management.

Besides heavy experience in developing and managing strategic leadership and talent management in organizations, Mr. Wei has also provided consulting expertise for KPI (Key Performance Indicators), 6 Sigma, Hoshin Planning, and Workout Implementations.

From time to time, Mr. Wei has also accepted short-term positions with P/L responsibility in organizations to fulfill specific goals as part of his consulting practice. He has led companies in retained recruitment of professional leadership positions as well as to firms that provide outplacement services. In 2008-9, during the recession In the U.S., Mr. Wei's firm successfully assisted over 350 laid-off employees and executives to find employment or start businesses, exceeding national average for "back to employment" status.

Mr. Wei earned his B.A. in Psychology with emphasis in Clinical and Psychometrics from San Jose State University. His graduate studies have been in the fields of psychology and character development. He has a Master's Degree in Comparative Religion with emphasis on differences in cultural value development from the Graduate Theological Union in conjunction with the University of California at Berkeley. He has also taken executive programs in business, organizational development, and strategic planning from U.C. Berkeley, the Wharton Executive Education, and Stanford University. He also holds numerous licenses and certificates for professional development.

Mr. Wei also serves on numerous academic and charitable boards.