Headshot of Terry Spell

Terry Spell

Associate Professor, Geology
Department(s): Geoscience
Office: LFG 206
Mail Code: 4010
Phone: 702-895-1171
Fax: 702-895-4064
Email: terry.spell@unlv.edu


Volcanology, Geochronology, Geochemistry


My research is primarily directed at understanding continental volcanic fields that host caldera-forming large-scale explosive eruptions. I am interested in understanding the evolution of the magma system at depth before, during, and after such large eruptions. This is done through a combination of major and trace element and isotopic geochemistry of rocks produced during these eruptions as well as isotopic dating to constrain timing of eruptions.

Additional Information

SEB Program Group: NV Isotope Geochronology Lab
SEB Lab Location: 4158
SEB Lab Phone Number: 702-895-2353