Headshot of Stephanie Schnorr

Stephanie Schnorr

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department(s): Anthropology
Email: stephanie.schnorr@unlv.edu


Stephanie Schnorr is a biological anthropologist who studies human diet, digestion, and gut microbiome in the framework of human evolution. Stephanie is especially interested in understanding how humans came to acquire such large and complex brains, and what factors allowed this unique trait to flourish in the human ancestral lineages. By studying the coalescence of dietary behaviors, physiological adaptations, and the gut microbiome alongside human occupation of particular environments, Stephanie looks for evidence of the essential elements that facilitate the existence of a large-brained hominin. In pursuing this research, Stephanie has worked in many exciting locations and laboratories, ranging from the wilds of East Africa, to laboratories sporting robotic intestines, and most recently inside the super clean spaces dedicated to the study of ancient DNA.

Her work is published in a number of high-impact academic journals and has been highlighted in the popular press such as Scientific American, Wired, National Geographic, and the New York Times. Stephanie Schnorr is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Anthropology.