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Roseann Colosimo, Ph.D., MSN, RN

Associate Professor, and Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs



Dr. Roseann Colosimo joined the School of Nursing in 2015 and teaches psychiatric mental health courses. She has more than 40 years of nursing experience in mental health nursing practice, teaching nursing undergraduates, and nursing education program regulation. She chaired the education advisory committee for the State Board of Nursing for the past nine years, and served on the regulatory excellence and NCLEX examinations committee for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.


Dr. Colosimo specializes in nurse leadership, psychiatric mental health, and communications.

Classes Taught

Dr. Colosimo teaches Professional Communication in Diverse Health Care Settings, Mental Health Theory, Clinical Pre-nursing, and Nursing Leadership and Transition into Practice

Education Background

Dr. Colosimo earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Saint John’s College, Cleveland, Ohio, and her Master of Science in Nursing from Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., specializing in mental health nursing at the master’s level. She later earned her doctorate from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, in Counselor Education with a minor in psychology.

Research or Scholarship

Dr. Colosimo has been involved in research about internationally educated nurses, has published articles about nursing education regulation, and served as editor of Nevada Nursing magazine.

Awards, recognitions, or group affiliations

Dr. Colosimo received the Northern Nevada Nurse educator award from Nevada Nurses association in 2010 while coordinating nursing education in state. Nevada State College honored Colosimo with the Caring Science award in 2015.