Headshot of Richard Havey

Richard Havey

Affiliate Associate Professor of Dance - Jazz
Department(s): Dance
Office: HFA 119
Phone: 702-895-2964
Email: richard.havey@unlv.edu


Richard Havey comes to UNLV having been the artistic director of the Zurich Tanz Theater School in Switzerland. He began his dance training with ballet in Northern California. He attended the Gus Giordano Dance Center in Chicago on a full scholarship, studying all forms of dance. He later became a soloist for Giordano Dance Chicago, and was trained as a teacher in jazz techniques.

He has taught throughout America and performed with many contemporary companies around the world including Le Ballet “Why Not in Paris,” Danny Burczeski Dance in New York, Dance Kaleidoscope Indianapolis, and First City Dance Theater in Florida. Havey also taught an educational program on dance around America with Sam Watson called Jazz Tour. This program toured performing arts schools as well as private schools presenting master classes and a lecture demonstration on choreography and dance in the world today. Later this was funded to enter into university programs.

Havey went on to perform with the Watson Dance Company. He has also studied the art of Chinese Medicine in the form of body therapy, which he now incorporates in his teaching techniques. He is a certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist. To add to his credits in bodywork, he studied a form of three-dimensional movements called Spiral Dynamiks, which he practiced in Zurich, Switzerland.

Havey continues to teach master classes and choreograph around the world and is a guest teacher as well as performer at the University of Arizona in Tucson for the National Jazz Showcase. He is furthering his studies in body therapy with voice and movement as well as TCM.