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Peter Gray



Peter Gray has a passion for understanding various aspects of human behavior and physiology, especially in the realm of reproduction, from an integrative, evolutionary perspective. That is a sensible scholarly passion too: In a Darwinian world, the ultimate currency is reproductive success.

In practice, this means focusing on features of human fatherhood, sexuality, partnerships, and more, while situating a topical focus within evolutionary and life history theory, comparative animal research, cross-cultural patterns, and physiological processes. This is an inherently interdisciplinary and scientific approach but also well situated within anthropology, given the field’s appreciation for our primate kin, cross-cultural emphasis, and overarching evolutionary perspective.


Ph.D. : Harvard University, 2003

Expert Areas 

Evolutionary perspectives on human reproduction, fatherhood, human sexuality, evolutionary medicine, human biology, human behavioral endocrinology, human reproductive ecology, human-animal interaction