Headshot of Mary Whitehead, Ph.D.

Mary Whitehead, Ph.D.



Mary Whitehead (she/her/hers) currently serves as the Director in the office of Student Diversity & Social Justice. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, M.Ed. in Higher Education and Administration from Loyola University Chicago, and a B.A. in Communication with a Human Resource Development minor from Northeastern Illinois University. Reigning from the Windy City of Chicago, she has lived in Austin and San Antonio, Texas for five years and Baltimore for three years before making the move to Las Vegas. Guided by her values and commitment to social justice, she is interested in embracing an inclusive and nurturing community where students realize their dreams while achieving their goals. Her professional passion is to research areas of critical race feminism, activism, and the power dynamics between discourse and culture. As a social justice advocate who incorporates forms of activism and learning into her work, she desires to lead many holistic and healing conversations for marginalized communities by sharing her personal story as a Black Womxn through the empowering approach of "voice" in order to inspire others to have freedom to express.