Headshot of Mary Croughan, Ph.D.

Mary Croughan, Ph.D.

Professor of Public Health
Department(s): Public Health
Office: GTW Room 321
Email: mary.croughan@unlv.edu


Mary Croughan is a seasoned administrator and researcher with more than 30 years of experience in higher education.

As UNLV’s vice president for research and economic development, Croughan’s strategic foci are on continuing to build the university’s research infrastructure, increasing grant funding, creating more interdisciplinary research, and identifying new strategic research areas for UNLV to become a world leader. To this end, she modified UNLV’s Faculty Opportunity Awards to provide more than $300,000 in seed funding solely to interdisciplinary research projects on campus and is building a Research Excellence Program that will serve as a one-stop-shop for UNLV researchers at every stage, ensuring they have the mentorship, support, and all resources necessary to obtain funding and conduct critical research in all disciplines.

Prior to joining UNLV in 2017, Croughan was the executive director of the Research Grants Program Office for the University of California (UC) system-wide Office of the President and a faculty member at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine. She was Vice-Chair and Chair of the University of California system-wide Academic Senate from 2007-2009.

An epidemiologist with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, Croughan’s research includes work on infertility that has been supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies. Her longitudinal study on the health outcomes of more than 52,000 women and their partners who sought or were treated for infertility over three decades has the potential to inform women’s reproductive choices worldwide.