Headshot of Mary Blankenship

Mary Blankenship

Student Researcher
Department(s): Lincy Institute
Office: GUA 2108
Phone: 702-895-0090
Email: blankens@unlv.nevada.edu


Mary Blankenship is a student in the UNLV Honors College pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Economics with a minor in Brookings Public Policy. Her research involves the utilization of spectroscopic techniques to study the electronic and chemical environment of highly efficient solar cell devices in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the group of Dr. Clemens Heske.

She also conducts research on the effects of mass shootings on a population’s well-being with Brookings Institution’s Leo Pasvolsky Senior Fellow Carol Graham. Blankenship works closely with Brookings Mountain West staff to identify and organize student workshop opportunities that connect visiting Brookings fellows to the UNLV Honors College and the larger campus community. She has been an OUR Ambassador since 2017 and loves engaging with students interested in research.