Lyssa Park
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Lyssa Park

MFA Candidate, Graduate Assistant

Fine Arts
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Lyssa Park explores narrative through illustration, comics, books and hand-crafted dolls, using a variety of approaches including pen-and-ink, collage, digital media, screen printing, risograph printing, and sculpture. She is inspired by literary fiction, daily encounters, family relationships, and animals. She’s interested in exploring alternative approaches to complex storytelling through experimentation with form, process, and materials. Lyssa graduated with a BFA in illustration from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. In 2019, she was awarded the Society of Illustrators Student Award, was shortlisted for the Nami International Picture Book Concours and was an Art and Design intern with Penguin Random House Young Readers Design Group. She lives and works in Las Vegas and is currently producing a book with Red Fox Literary for publication.